I’m currently doing policy analysis of the indigenous population of Hawaiʻi. More specifically I’m doing policy analysis on “Houseless Native Hawaiians”. Yeah, usually people will say someone without a home is “homeless”, but for Native Hawaiians, why would we be called HOMELESS in our own HOME LANDS?

Native Hawaiians are from this Earth, from this Soil, from these Roots of Hawaiʻi! Native Hawaiians who are without shelter are not homeless, they are Houseless.

But in writing this blog, what I really wanted to share was how I am “studying”. Lol! I’m “doing” policy analysis, but unfortunately I can’t stay on it. I’m one of those college students who just can’t get it together right now. :/ I love policy, but I’m allowing myself to be distracted. Ugh!

Who else got finals coming up?

Picture: Views of “Studying”


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